Why Go For Backlinks?

You would have come across the term Backlinks while working for or as an SEO or when you were getting your website built. Not many do know the importance of backlinks in the SEO business. Backlinks are infact the backbone in the Search Engine Optimization field and search engines require them for indexing and bringing in traffic to your website. 구글상위노출

What are Backlinks? These are infact links that you would have come across while reading blogs, news or even articles and when you click on it they take you to their parent business website. They are also known as IBL’s or Inbound links. Search engine Giants like Google love websites that have backlinks and pull these up in their results instead of the ones that do not. Thus concluding that a backlink could mar or make your business/website.

Before we understand why backlinks are important, we first need to learn about SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is nothing but a technique that determines the ranking of a website in a search engine. The higher rank your website earns the larger the amount of traffic you get on your website. Once you receive a large amount of targeted traffic you will also enjoy higher sales and profitability.

The one main reason that determines your websites ranking on a search engine is a backlink. However the backlinks that you add to your campaign should be relevant and of good quality. Now it is not possible for a novice to know what quality backlinks are. If you look through the internet you will find several backlink building services that will take care of this need. Most of these services focus a lot on quality and quantity of service. It is really upto you to decide what you want. Quality is however important for e.g. Search engines like Google usually ranks pages for every website and these ranks could be anything between 0-10 where 10 is the best. Sites like ABC could score 10 on a certain page of theirs. Google regards this as an authority site. If ABC wanted to put in a backlink to your website it would obviously carry a lot more weightage rather than a site that score 0 or less than 10 with Google. This is called a quality backlink and will surely drive quality traffic to your websites. The result- your sales will increase and your profits will soar.

Press release distribution for backlinks is again important if you want a great campaign. This will ensure that your press releases will be picked up by quality outlets. Infact there are a lot of press release publishing sites that let you publish news online. These sites if optimized well will help in a good ranking system and this will help in creating good backlinks. Although free press release sites are good, make sure that you sign up for sources that enjoy a good ranking with major search engines. Choose a news site or trade journal that has better quality news and is well respected. This again should help you draw quality traffic to your websites.

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