Step-By-Step Guide To Having Your Own Custom-Made Real Hair Wig

1) Colour matching hair

A reputable hair consultant will spend time with you to discuss your desired colour. It is often useful to opt for a shade lighter as hair on a wig is generally more densely packed than natural hair on a head. This means the overall effect is slightly darker. Hair on real hair wigs of course be dyed and highlighted after it is manufactured but it is always recommended that make every effort to pick your preferred colour before the manufacturing process begins. Remember, it is possible to include grades of grey and white hues. glueless wig

2) Design of hairline and style

It is important to describe your desired style, including the hairline and hair density, with your wig consultant. May people find it useful to bring in a photo which shows the individual would have looked prior to any hair loss. The most natural looking custom-made real hair wigs have an age-appropriate hairstyle, hairline, hair density (e.g. the more mature client might opt for thinning on top) and are easy to manage in the context of your current lifestyle.

3) Mould and cast of your head

A qualified hair expert will take a cast of your head using casting tape. This is a painless but essential process to ensure that the end result wig cap will provide a perfect fit.

4) Insertion of hair according to agreed design guidelines

Once hair is inserted into the final base (wig cap materials can be discussed and will vary according to availability), your custom-made real hair wig is now complete!

5) Arrange a final fitting

A final fitting will be arranged. At this stage, it is possible to slightly cut or ‘tweak’ hair according to your needs. However, it is worth taking caution when requesting further cutting – obviously the hair on real hair wigs cannot grow back! Lowlights or highlights can also be added at this stage (it is common for clients to opt for lighter highlights during fairer seasons which can then be dyed darker in winter months). Certain adjustments – e.g. adding clips – can be made during this final fitting but you should not need extra security if the wig base has been created by an expert. Your custom-made real hair wig should fit perfectly and your appearance should be as natural looking as possible. Hopefully your confidence and self-esteem will be boosted too.

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