Review of the New Realme GT Master Edition


The Realme GT Master Edition smartphone from China is another offering from the well-respected manufacturer that tries to stay on top of the smartphone competition. Although it lacks some important features and it just does not stand out when it comes to its performance, but its affordable price, excellent screen quality, fast charging support and excellent customer service help it to remain on top. This smartphone is definitely an excellent choice for people who like having high performance at a low price. If you are planning to buy one, you may want to consider the Realme GT Master Edition. Here is a quick review of this device. realme gt master edition

The Realme GT Master Edition smartphone has a beautiful and vivid Super AMoled display, which offers vivid viewing and a bright, sharp color display. You can see the text clearly and read emails and text messages with clarity and excellent quality. When it comes to battery life, the phone offers around 35 minutes of battery life which is great if you are looking at using the phone for an hour or two during the day.

One of the most attractive features of this smartphone is that it runs on the Windows CE operating system. The operating system is quite slow when it comes to loading apps and websites, which are one of the reasons why many people choose the Realme GT Master Edition instead of other Windows Phones like the HTC StrTrk or the LG Shine. However, there are also a lot of high end smartphones that run on Windows CE so this should not be a big concern to you. On the downside, the Android interface is not as smooth as it could be on other phones so you may want to invest in a Windows phone if you really want to experience a smooth browsing experience on your smartphone.

The Realme GT Master Edition comes with two cameras and one is an auto-focus unit which allow you to take in more high-quality shots. You can use either camera to take a variety of different shots, including group shots, portrait shots and panoramic shots. You can also set the auto-focus unit to take random pictures, which can be very useful if you like taking pictures in random ways. On the downside, the phone battery will start to die out soon after you turn it on and the battery level can sometimes get too low.

The Realme GT master edition also comes with a huge 2.1-megapixel rear camera along with a 16 megapixel, high definition video camera. The two cameras are built into one body and have individual laser sensors that enable them to work together for perfect picture and video capturing. There is also a front-facing camera for those moments when you want to capture somebody’s attention. Some of the better smartphones allow for dual displays, but the Realme GT allows for one large display while the other is smaller and can be used for viewing photos, videos and games. This phone also offers users the ability to connect to multiple wireless networks, but as with many modern smartphones, you are only able to make and receive calls from certain wireless networks.

The phone runs on the Realme GT platform and offers you a choice of either a Windows mobile or an Android model. The Android model does not offer as many customizable options as the Windows phone, but it does include a native Wap application that allows you to send and receive files. The iPhone and Blackberry mobile platforms do not support Wap. The Realme GT master edition allows you to download the latest images from your community or social network of choice, so you can always be ready to go.

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