OnePlus 9R – Hydrogen Peroxide Reality Suite


If you have been waiting to buy the all new Oxygen Plus from India, then the best time to do so is during the promotional period. This is the best time to grab these handsets and start using them straight away to get your hands on the best mobile phone in the market. The Oxygen Plus has been designed especially for those who want something advanced and cutting edge in terms of their mobile device. It comes with features such as high resolution camera, 3G connectivity, a fingerprint scanner, a large QWERTY keyboard and a lot more.

With so many features, it is no wonder the Oxygen Plus is one of the most popular phones around. One of the best things about this phone is that it comes with a six.5-inch fluid amoled screen which is considerably larger than the screen of the iPhone 4S. The phone offers a wide color gamut which matches the iPhone to an extent. The phone offers a smooth user interface with all the elements working smoothly. OnePlus 9R

The phone offers you various options of connectivity such as USB, Bluetooth, micro USB and dual SIM connectivity. You can use it with the Android ecosystem such as Ice Cream Sandwich and Kit Kat. The Oxygen software is very light weight and can be installed easily. The user interface and the look and feel of this operating system are similar to that of the iPhone and that’s why many people feel they can use it just like an iPhone.

The oneplus 9R has a quad core 1 GHz processor backed by the sqlite database engine and the powerful snapdragon 870 chipset. It offers the complete range of Android features including the high definition support, 4k display support, quick start up and screen recording which makes it suitable for all forms of entertainment and media enjoyment. The onehot key feature of this smartphone is the turbo mode which offers the users increased performance levels. You can easily store thousands of pictures and videos and enjoy them instantly with the help of the external memory storage.

The advanced technology of this smartphone offers users enhanced battery life that will keep them on the go for hours. The users get great high definition video viewing pleasure with the help of the HDMI out port and the fast wireless network which allows the users to connect to any place at any time. The excellent back light and the crystal clear display also play an important role in enhancing the oneplus 9r performance level.

If you want to have better graphical performance on your device, you need to increase the RAM. However, the oneplus 9r has been designed to work on a lower RAM so as to retain the best performance. You can download various free applications from the android market which are specifically created for this device. You should also keep in mind to remove all unwanted applications from the memory card which are taking up space. You can perform a manual memory clean up in order to optimize the device performance.

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