4 Ways to Heat Your Reptile Vivarium

Since all reptiles are cold blooded, they require an external heat source to keep themselves warm. Without a heater system warming pet reptiles to mimic the environment of in their natural habitat, they will not last long at all. There are thousands of heating systems one can buy for their reptile vivarium. Here we will describe each type of heating system available for you to purchase.


These are rocks that are artificially heated so that reptiles can bask on them to keep themselves warm. Hot rocks are used primarily for ground-dwelling lizards like bearded dragons, and not for arboreal reptiles like the iguana. If not regulated properly, the hot rocks may cause burns on your pet reptile. Therefore, the use of a thermostat to check the hot rocks temperature is imperative in any reptile vivarium. Always regulate the temperature of hot rocks according to the heat given off in your pet reptile’s natural habitat. You don’t need to install any barrier to keep your reptile from touching hot rocks. king snake for sale


These are either troughs or bulbs that give off the greatest amount of heat capable of any reptile vivarium heating systems. This capability makes this heating system a fantastic pick for any vivarium containing a high-heat-loving reptile like snakes or turtles. If the ceramic heater does not give off light, then a supplementary light is important to add on to the reptile vivarium.


There is a vast array of different light bulbs in the market to install in any type of reptile vivarium. This includes both the regular white light bulb and the red light bulb for providing heat to reptiles without disturbing their sleep cycle at night. Installing any type of light bulb in your reptile vivarium requires you to also install a thermostat to regulate the amount of heat the bulb is giving off. A barrier is also needed to keep your reptile from touching the bulb.


These are thin mats that are usually laid underneath one part of the vivarium (around 1/3 of the tank) and give off a small amount of heat. Given that they are bought to provide extra heat and are not the primary source of heating, installing a more powerful system such as light bulbs are a priority. Heat mats are also referred to as heat pads. These are one of the least expensive heating systems on the market. Heat mats work best for giving off extra heat to add to what your primary heating system gives off on an exceptionally cold night.

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